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Every year,the hospitality industry creates millions of tons of avoidable waste globally.While conspicuous consumption is the hallmark of the industry, leaders of the industry have come to the realization that it can not go on forever.

Reif Kushiyaki

LPP - Implementing Smart Office Tech

Using VITA Tronic device in our office and 30 passive antennas for mobile phones – FAZUP Silver, we have created a space where our employees want to come back, not thinking about chronic fatigue, headache or other frequent hazards caused by the environment and working in dead buildings.

Thanks to the harmonization of space, we also reduced the absence at work and increased the creativity as well as productivity of our team, which directly translates into profits of the entire company and increases the value of human capital of our company.

ME hotel Dubai/Zaha Hadid/Omniyat MELIA Hotels

Deira City Center Cooling Tower

DEIRA City Centre

Cooling tower pilot project

The goal of this project was to reduce consumption of chemicals used in cooling tower facility and decrease maintenance costs of managing the facility.

At the same time we have managed to improve AIR QUALITY in entire mall indoor space.

* At the moment we are waiting for second Q report on our pilot project results with MAF/ENOVA facility management TEAM.

The Sustainable City Dubai

Riffa Views Bahrain

Design Hotel

The cutting edge technology of GreenTECH by AQUAcell has unable FORM Hotel Dubai a member of Design Hotels to be the first hotel in Dubai and the GCC to obtain SUSTAIN TM Hotel Certificate which confirms that the hotel is fully protected from EMI and provides people with structured water both in the swimming pool and in entire network, so guests can feel secure and enjoy well-being as it fullest.

After the COVID-19 pandemic we wanted to make sure that the wellness of our guests and people is a priority.

The VITA Tronic increases your immunity and the AQUA VITA life improves the water quality and its energy levels.

Kapias Gardens – Silesia Region, Poland

Gardens since 2012 use structural water for soil irrigation. Thanks to this, they were able to correct coagulation and eliminate leakages from the water ponds.

Additionally, they protect the area against electromagnetic smog giving visitors a chance to experience pure nature. Honored by National Geogrpahic.

Tenerife Vertical Farms

Momentum Wellness Bioresort