climate change and plastic pollution mitigation global project; our commitment is based on the involvement of all necessary players to solve the problem of plastic pollution, acidity of the oceans and restoring marine life because it is the ocean and its condition that will decide the fate of humanity. Thanks to the implementation of the technology, combined with the plastic offset tool, we will obtain a stable marine ecosystem, reduce CO2 emissions, restore marine life, guarantee the microbiological stability of water, reduce contamination and areas of radioactive water. In addition, we focus on education, as well as the involvement of local communities in solving this problem, giving local governments ready-made tools.

OCEAN70 is divided into 5 verticals :

  • UFO – unique floating object and AVL spin – tools to restore water in rivers, lakes, ocean itself
  • 70% of human and Earth is water – education part
  • PLASTIC waste policies
  • B2E plastic offset platform tool & plastic credits stock
  • AWARENESS campaign with sailor

I would like to address the need of bold approach towards water treatment tools evolution. We can’t solve current state of water resources using the same solutions we have been implementing for last 100 years. We need to rethink fully our approach towards water. We are only able to solve quality issues and microbiological stability of water by targeting immunity of water and empowerment of its ability to self-healing by popularizing and emphasizing the physical parameters of water, we are able to restore balance to the planet in a short time, thanks to which we will be able to reverse the effects of climate change and stabilize the situation in all water resources; involvement of all sectors is also essential; only through joint work on many levels, from education, through legal regulations to projects in which all stakeholders are involved, we can achieve a measurable action, which we do not have time to discuss in the next decade. Each project should include social, economic and environmental benefits. Only a holistic view of a given challenge is able to bring long-term, measurable results.

Expected Impact

The OCEAN70 project aims to fully revitalize the ocean on a global scale, including the factors that affect it directly and indirectly. When implementing projects on the coast, we take into account the micro and macro ecosystem, because we have to solve problems in the entire chain of dependent factors to be able to deliver measurable effects. In addition to the implementation of the technology itself, the project provides for the establishment of law, projects involving local communities, scientific units, education of people living by the ocean but also those inland, because every smallest change in behavior counted in millions of people around the world matters.

Business2Earth – Plastic OFFSET Platform


  • Taking responsibility of B2B and B2C sectors and offsetting their waste for them
  • Educating on plastic crisis, challenges we face as humanity and promoting self-responsability



  • Streaming funds into initiatives which solve plastic crisis through direct actions
  • Supporting innovative solutions which use plastic waste to create alternative products like building materials
  • Avoiding green washing 

Climate change and plastic crisis

Plastic pollution is capable of affecting LAND, WATERWAYS and OCEANS as a large percentage of marine and land creatures have died due to the fact that plastic is NON-BIODEGRADABLE and it causes HAZARDS TO SOIL. It also emits TOXIC GASSES when exposed or heated up.

The toxins the material leaches into SEAWATER Inhibit the growth and photosynthetic efficiency of the bacteria which is responsible for producing an estimated 20 % OF THE OXYGEN WE BREATHE

Why than PLASTIC PRODUCTION is expected to TRIPLE by 2060 ?

Growing population vs shrinking resources

By 2050 70 % of World population will be living in the cities

By 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the sea (by weight)

World population is projected to increase from 7.8 billion in 2020 to 9.9 billion by 2050

Our water supplies are shrinking at the same time as climate change is generating more intense rain. And the culprit is the drying of soils, say researchers, pointing to a World where drought-like conditions will become the new normal.

Solution – round table and ASAP action

  • From a global perspective, we are moving too slowly
  • Legislation on innovation and new solutions takes years to build
  • When we talk, we meet at the next summits, the climatic situation and the pollution worsen
  • We should not separate sectors from each other; REAL ESTATE, HOSPITALITY they both play giant role in food security, climate crisis and waste management yet still we see them as sectors which have nothig in common with farming or growing food or even impacting ocean and marine life

Angie Pajak GreenTECH by AQUAcell ( ceo / founder/ co-owner)

As Albert Einstein said, we cannot expect DIFFERENT results while still doing the SAME.

Only by building NEW RULES and implementing them IMMEDIATELY, We are able to SURVIVE and REVERSE CLIMATE CHANGEUntil we start to see the World HOLISTICALLY, where each thing affects the other, until NOTHING changes.

SUSTAIN TM Institute

The goal of SUSTAIN TM Institute is to brainstorm information, ideas from different fields and bring to life products/services which might be turn into revenue.

We are not interested to make studies to keep them in desk. Our scope is to confirm our statements by science bodies such as various universities in the UAE and worldwide (outsourcing their labs and employees) and turn those results into revenue by implementing our technology and solutions of other partners extending this way radius of GreenTECH.

Second part is certification and labelling. So far we have already started the process of labelling facilities in different sectors which have been using our technology – this way we have started to create a portfolio of clients to than go through legal part of our certificates making them recognized as worldwide standard.

  • FORM Design Hotel SUSTAIN TM Hotel
  • Reif Kushiyaki – SUSTAIN TM Restaurant
  • ME Dubai Hotel – SUSTAIN TM Hotel
  • Joint Space Clinic – SUSTAIN TM Public SPace

So far the studies from we can start are :

1. The change in the electrostatic properties of the building leads to droop of the dust settling on the windows – as we confirmed that by using structured water for washing process, we eliminate streaks, by reducing EMI in the building and cleaning glass with structured water sand will fall down – crucial discovery for the region especially if we talk about sustainability and water scarcity

2. CO2 emissions / temperature drop – again by reducing EMI impact on external atmosphere is some area – like TSC Dubai which is 500 m x 1 km, we can proof using satellite image and AI that this area became cooler than other parts which are under impact of man-made radiation (EMI=heat)

3. Bird behaviour study; birds move using the sensitive magneto gland (other animals as well) new research shows that because we have destroyed the natural environment, bees are dying out, turtles cannot end up in the ocean, etc. So far we have exceeded natural magnetic field of Earth 140 mln times and microwaves 2 billion times and more; we have cases in Poland where people noticed that once VT is in the house on – birds do not hit the glass – once it was not there they were having dead birds heating the buildings.

4. Increased soil coagulation by re bringing the structure of water ; structure of water improves density of soil which is extremely important for farming sector and landscape but as well for building materials

Our guidelines which we had started to build are divided into such areas:

  • SustainTM Transport
  • SustainTM Office
  • SustainTM Home
  • SustainTM Retail
  • SustainTM Education
  • SustainTM Hospitality
  • SustainTM Medical
  • SustainTM Agriculture
  • SustainTM Public Space
  • SustainTM Island
  • SustainTM City


  • Water Quality
  • Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Waste Management
  • EMF
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Health
  • Wellbeing
  • Food Security
  • The Sustainable Human Guide book