With the AQUA VITA life, a patented water vitaliser and chalk transformer, water regains its original information from its natural source. With the AQUA VITA life, an optimal energising of the water is achieved.

The functioning of the device was tested by doctors and scientists from Austrian universities in long-term studies (BOKU Wien, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz). The results demonstrate a clear improvement of the bodily states of humans and animals, as well as plants.


In our modernized world, but also in a natural setting, there are different types of
interference zones. When subject to excessive pressure these fields can have an impact on our daily lives and our well-being. Studies show that many diseases may occur due to interference fields. Yet an environment completely without interferences would be unnatural. However, space harmonization reduces the amount of interference intensity in diverse areas of life, as well as in living and work spaces, to a healthier level.

Bio Polymers

We produce ecological materials of the new generation.

Our goal is to launch a product that will be 100% compostable and neutral for the environment.

NatureBioFilm is the result of many years of cooperation between GreenTree and laboratories and scientific institutes in Poland and Europe.

Digital Solutions

Having been accumulating through many years, experience in the water, environment and plastic pollution sectors, we have gained unique theoretical and practical knowledge in those fields which now we turn into practical digital solutions through our external partners in IT sector.

AQUA VITA life - wireless water technology - The Global Innovation Award 2021

AQUA VITA life is a wireless water technology which improves quality of water by implementing its structure changes on quantum physics level – by improving its structure it is able to increase immunity of water and wake up its selfdefence ability. In 2019 shortlisted in MENA Green Building Awards as best water management technology.

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