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AQUAcell was founded in 2003. Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by showing that return to nature is possible, while using the achievements of civilization.

GreenTECH by AQUAcell is a START UP company based in UAE established in 2020 currently having strong ties with Abu Dhabi. 

It is baby brand of AQUAcell Company based in Poland with focus on holistic approach towards sustainable World. We connected 20 years of experience with new complex approach adapted to current times – flexible, innovative and visionary.

We educate people, share our knowledge and experience to build better World for us and next generations. Combining many people from different sectors, we can achieve a synergistic effect for saving the natural environment. We work on many levels like bringing solutions for single person, for big and small companies and for families. As everyone and everything depends on water which is part of us.

Our organization is most active in providing water treatment with zero impact on the environment, quality improvement, radioactivity reduction, health properties. The scope of our solution is to re-bring the natural power of water that it has always had during our presence on this planet or even before, so we could eliminate as much factors that are not in line with our health and environmental protection.

Benefits are limitless. We improve health of people, at the same time having impact on the surroundings both in micro and macro scale. Nature is able to exist without us but we are not able neither to survive nor to live without the nature. We are re-bringing the nature into the civilized World. Overall scope is to spread the knowledge among as many people as it is possible for our common goal. Talk about green is quite different than be green. During last year’s we have gained new experience in many places worldwide so we have adapted our solutions to current needs in the spectrum of global markets, problems, climate changes.

Our solution is innovative because it uses only laws and rules that exist in the nature since millions of years but at the same time is adaptable to work with the most advanced technologies of now days and at the same time may work independently in the most underdeveloped regions of the world.

The percentage of emission of  harmful substances to the environment is 0 %.

It does not need any replacement, service, exchange of the components. Might be used for any time of water or any liquid to improve its quality, capacity to self-protection, reducing maintenance costs, health costs etc. It works based on the frequency combined with ancient knowledge. At the same time we connect innovation with human heritage and practices that have been used by humanity for centuries.

Green-TECH is innovative because it allow us to integrate different sectors to build the holistic approach towards sustainable future worldwide.

By using our solutions we are able to see the World as a whole where each factor has impact on other and there is no action without reaction. Our solution connects at the same time nature, quantum physics, biology, hi-tech, green-tech and sustainability.

Our solution is suitable for any type of water – rain water, grey water, black water, drinking, potable, desalinated, mineral, ocean water, swimming pool water, agriculture sector etc. Because of this fact there is no need to exchange existing technology, solutions because our tech can improve systems that are already working or prolong their life, so we have impact on waste reduction such as filters, parts of water systems, at the same time we are able to minimize chemicals coming from different types of water up to 70 % avoiding that they would end up in the landfill, soil or groundwaters.




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Senior Consultant Sustainable Packaging Waste Management
& Plastic Policies

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Senior Consultant Sustainable Architecture Urban Planning
& Green Cities Policies




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Angie Pajak

Health Coach, creator and editor of the popular portal slowfoodlife.com, promoter of a healthy lifestyle, wellness expert, member of Slow Food International, food shopper assistant. Author of such bestsellers as “Metabolic IQ – your code to health” and “Your health diary”, “Shopping IQ – smart shopping”. Columnist known for her press articles, interviews, TV programs and radio broadcasts. Together with Dr. Grażyna Pająk, they have been consistently building a health empire for 17 years. In April 2018, she received a prestigious distinction from Paris in the Holistic Beauty Awards category for her passion for gaining knowledge in the field of dietetics and a healthy lifestyle, as well as her involvement in modern media education and promotion of health issues. She is the CEO of COSMO HEALTH LTD, a company managing a portfolio of brands such as drGRACE, Metabolic IQ, AQUAcell, GreenTECH by AQUAcell, Vistula Destinations. An expert in sustainable green technologies and the quality of public spaces, a member of the Emirates Green Building Council, a member of 4 boards of the International WELL Building Institute in New York – Airport Advisory, WELL City Advisory, Health Equity Advisory and Special COVID Task Force Advisory, Certified BIO- WELL, collaborates with UNESCO, conducts workshops on Sustainable Solutions for the Real Estate sector and green buildings, has been a guest of Polish FM in Chicago for many years, where together with Ewa Stniszewska they recorded over 30 programs on climate change, ocean, plastic, etc. Since 2017 guest as well as speaker at international conferences in the Middle East and cooperates with UAE government institutions, e.g. MOCCaE, Abu Dhabi Environment Agency, AIM for Climate, COP28, UN.

Dr. Grace

Biologist, master of natural therapies, nutritionist, and researcher at ZBW P.A.N. For twenty-five years she has been involved in the research on water, its structure, as well as restoring it, and its impact on the environment. Together with a team of scientists, she is the creator of a patent for devices activating liquid and gas. For fifteen years she has been running the Health Promotion Center. She is known for several radio and TV broadcasts related to a healthy lifestyle. She has been writing articles and giving lectures and courses in nutrition, health promotion, and natural therapy. She translates her entire experience into the quality of the products and services offered. She is a co-founder of AQUAcell.


He is an engineer with over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas, chemical and water industries, where he held senior management positions. Experience and knowledge of pipeline transmission systems, production, water treatment, cooling towers, heat exchangers and other elements necessary in the industry translates into the quality of the proposed solutions. Always involved, he has environmental and business goals in mind in his activities. Thanks to the experience gained in India, the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, he perfectly understands how to combine profit with sustainable development.


He has been a professionally active participant in the FMCG and B2B market for 22 years. Thanks to many changes in his personal and professional life, he took up the topic of compostable and natural polymers, biopolymers, polymerization of plant-derived monomers and their mixtures, and how to make packaging completely safe for the environment from all this. Expert in the field of natural polymers and Biopolymers.

Packaging that can be recycled as part of the circular economy, packaging of plant origin and , of course, packaging from renewable sources. Within these issues, he became involved in legislation and showing governmental entities substitutes and alternatives. We cooperate with ministries and
biopolymer institutes as well as with companies that want something more from packaging, want to eliminate plastic.

Hermann Kamte

He is the Founding Associates and the Creative Director at HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates.

With great passion, Hermann explores the field multidisciplinary and transversally to meet the challenges of modern and contemporary architecture. With a philosophical look, he thinks that the sensitivity and complexity of an Architectural project most times break the boundaries between Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, or Furniture Design which comes from the interconnection and interaction between these disciplines.

Mariusz Czarnecki

He is passionate about new technologies, an experienced implementer and software architect.
Leading a team of experienced programmers, he is committed to co-creating the innovative consulting and IT company SoniqSoft JRMM Sp. z o. o.
The company turns ideas into useful, well-designed, successful products that improve customer processes with simple and intuitive operation. In other words, it produces software that meets the needs of business owners, their employees and customers.