Bio Polymers

Bio Polymers

Weproduce ecological materials of thenew generation.

Our goal is to launch a product that will be 100%
compostable and neutral for the environment. NatureBioFilm is the result of many years of cooperation between GreenTree and laboratories and scientific institutes in Poland and
Europe. It is a fully compostable combination of polymers of plant origin. NaturBloFllm products meet all the packaging standards. The durability of NaturBloFllm products works well in many  ndustries, including the food industry (e.g., our product meets strict Nestle packaging standards)

NBF transparent laminate

• durable
• elastic
• transparent
• outstanding barrier for gas, fat, chemicals,
steam, UV radiation
• possibility to obtain high-quality print
• easily weldable

Posslblllty of using to produce packaging for:

• groceries
• confectionery
• electronic products

What is this product?
It is a film based on starch [min. 50%]. This gives the possibility to create trays of any shape. In combination with NBF transparent laminate, it creates a complete product – fully compostable packaging. Properties:

• the ability to form any shapes
• very high hardness
• resilience
• an excellent barrier
for external factors

Direct economic benefits from the implementation of packaging production with NBF:
• lower sealing temperature:
petroleum-based materials 200° vs. NBF 120°
= energy saving by 40%
• thanks to the low sealing temperature, the production
process can be accelerated
• lower carbon footprint by up to 65% according to
EU directives, lower cost for CO2 emissions
• in the future, lower fees for placing ecological packaging on the market

thanks to packaging with NBF, the company can gain an image of social responsibility (CSR)
• packaging made of NBF is completely safe for health and is not a threat to the environment
• a product in innovative packaging will allow you to gain a competitive advantage
• thanks to packaging made of NBF, the company can become the so-called “trendsetter” thus setting trends in the industry in which it operates

entering the current market trend
• changing the way products are packaged can be used as the basis for a marketing campaign positioning the brand in its industry
• reaching new groups of clients
• packaging with NBF will make it easier for companies to report in connection with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

We can pack your products in a plant-based foil [transparent or white], Full-color print [8 colors], High productive efficiency

How we help?

How GCC could benefit creating totally new industry to supply itself but as well Far East and African markets. Such project requires engaging several stakeholders from B2B and B2G sectors and others to create entire ecosystem including:
This is all integral part of water and food security which UAE Gov is executing through AIM for Climate USA-UAE agreement and High Ambition Coalition to End Plastic Pollution.